Academic Collaboration between CityU and CLP for SEE Undergraduates


An agreement signifying the academic collaboration between City University of Hong Kong and CLP Power Hong Kong Limited has been concluded. The agreement was signed on 12 November 2018 by Professor Paul K.S. Lam, Chief-of-Staff, City University of Hong Kong, and Ms. Lena LOW, Senior Director – Customer & Business Development, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited.

With the support of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, a number of SEE undergraduates would join the CLP’s Training Programme in Energy Auditing. This would enable our students to acquire hands-on experience in a real work environment through visitations and participation in CLP’s Energy Audit and other projects.

This collaboration signifies not only support from the industry to the School, it also serves as a great opportunity for our students to better prepare for their career.

The news is also reported in the CLP December eNewsletter: