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BVM students at Cornell University for their Animal Husbandry Extra-Mural Studies

07 May 2018

Dr Yuen (front left) with the BVM students prior to departure

Our first year BVM students have travelled to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. They will be spending five weeks at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine in Upstate New York where they will learn about husbandry and management of cattle, sheep and horses as part of their extra-mural studies. The students are accompanied by the Extra-mural Education Coordinator, Dr Queeny Yuen.

This is part of their 12 week extra-mural studies where access to, and hands-on experience with, a number and variety of animals of the main domestic species will be provided to ensure that students become competent in their handling and develop knowledge of their husbandry and behaviour. They will also learn how to handle and restrain animals safely and humanely, and how to assess the physical condition, welfare, and nutritional status of animals.