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Inherent Nature

May 24, 2024

The CityU-organised and funded public art exhibition: Inherent Nature, is open!


This exhibit - executed by members of CityU, Wildlife Illustrations Hong Kong, partnering with the HK Biodiversity Museum at HKU, and funded by Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Croucher Foundation, and CityU - was organised to bring the conversation of illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade to the Hong Kong public. The successful opening event on Saturday 11 May 2024, brought together over 60 artists, scientists, and members of the public from across Hong Kong, and was opened by Dr Chloe Hatten (CityU), Dr Viktoriia Kamska (CityU), and Nicole Kit (Wildlife Illustrations Hong Kong) - curators, producers, directors and contributors to the event, with top animal crime lawyer in Hong Kong, Prof Amanda Whitfort, professor at HKU, providing the opening speech. 


So far, the event has received a footfall of almost 3000 members of the public - across the space of only 2 weeks. The exhibition is being held at PMQ – the old Police Married Quarters in Hong Kong – reflecting the criminal nature of illegal wildlife trade.


"It is very exciting to be able to organise an art exhibition with over a hundred artwork from 58 artists from 12 locations, including local primary schools, all aiming to shine a light on the issue of IUWT to Hong Kong, one of the biggest wildlife trade hubs in the world.” says Nicole Kit, local wildlife illustrator and co-founder of Wildlife Illustrations Hong Kong, and part of the Inherent Nature curatorial team.


This art exhibit speaks of the inherent nature of wildlife that we so often miss in the world around us throughout our busy lives. Here, observers are called to stop and admire the intricacies of plants and animals from a range of media: 2D, 3D, and digital.


"Nature is a library from which we are inspired with new ideas. The best guardian of Nature’s “library” is Art, which shows how beautiful, powerful, and yet fragile Nature is and how she desperately needs gentle handling and protection." describes Dr Viktoriia Kamska, postdoctoral researcher at CityU, 3D artist, and part of the Inherent Nature curatorial team.


The exhibit also speaks of the inherent nature of humans to destroy and control that nature, by exhibiting pieces that showcase species traded into Hong Kong and threatened by IUWT.


“Many of the wildlife art here are local to Hong Kong, but many are also ‘local’ in their commonality to be consumed or bought as pets, medicine, or seafood within this city, all of which unfortunately fuels the global illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade.” explains Dr Chloe Hatten, lead organiser of Inherent Nature, postdoctoral researcher at CityU, and part of the curatorial team.


Throughout this space, viewers are left appreciating wildlife for its inherent beauty, while understanding that these species can be exploited should we continue to allow this exploitation. This free public exhibition will be held daily 12-7pm until June 7, 2024, in rooms H310 and H312, PMQ, Central, Hong Kong. All are welcome to visit to explore the wide range of wildlife art displayed at our exhibit.


Visitors enjoying the opening evening of the art exhibit

Visitors enjoying the opening evening of the art exhibit. Room H312 showing terrestrial species on the left, and marine on the right, centred around a cage to show the consumptive and controlling nature of humans towards wildlife; juxtaposed by the free-flying origami created by Maryknoll Convent School, Hong Kong Japanese School, and the Korean International School.


Inherent Nature organisers, curators, directors, producers, and contributors!

Inherent Nature organisers, curators, directors, producers, and contributors! From left to right: Dr Viktoriia Kamska, postdoctoral researcher at PH, CityU; Dr Chloe Hatten, postdoctoral researcher at PH, CityU; Nicole Kit, artist and founder of Wildlife Illustrations Hong Kong.


Art exhibit poster

Art exhibit poster. The exhibit is still open, all are welcome to visit!