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Researchers Supervised by Dr. Kai Liu and Dr. Kate Flay Win Second Runner-up Prize at the 2023 Huawei Developer Competition – Asia Pacific

November 27, 2023
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Researchers supervised by Dr. Kai Liu and Dr. Kate Flay made an impressive mark at the Huawei Developer Competition 2023 – Asia Pacific. Their exceptional work earned them the 2nd Runner-up position, reflecting their commitment to innovative research and development.

The researchers, Mahejabeen Hossain Nidhi, Axiu Mao, Li Lyu, Zhaojin Guo, and Zheng He, participated in this competition held at Huawei European Town, Dongguan, China. In this event, they presented the entrepreneurial aspects of their research on precision livestock farming and its application using prototypes enabled by cloud computing.

This accomplishment demonstrates not only their technical expertise but also their pioneering spirit. Their research leverages emerging technologies to address practical issues in animal health and welfare.