Production Animals Facilities

Hong Kong’s dense urban environment abutting the extensive country parks is not an obvious environment within which to study production animals. Fortunately, this challenge is ameliorated by the presence of local pig farms , local chicken farms and the existence of feral water buffalo, feral cattle and small scale goat herds within Hong Kong. It is expected that with the creation within the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences (JCC) of an ambulatory clinic, students will gain useful first hand exposure to these species.

With regards to more systematic training of clinically related procedures an area of land has been identified to create a production animal handling unit. The planned unit will hold at least 24 or more dairy cows dedicated for teaching purposes. By frequent exposure to these dairy cows and their calves, students will have an excellent opportunity to gain confidence and knowledge of handling cattle. They themselves will, in rotation, feed and water cattle. They will be expected to perform their initial training of a variety of first day competency skills for example:- clinical inspection of cattle, foot trimming, blood sampling, use of ropes and halters, milk sampling, weighing and drenching. They will learn how to use many items of standard farm equipment such as bails and anti-kick bars.

To extend the clinical experiences of the students, the JCC has signed an MOU with Falcon Dairy Holdings Limited. This will enable students to gain experience in modern large scale high quality dairy farming. The farm (hub) is situated in China and will come on line soon. JCC staff have also visited one of the Fonterra hubs in China and it is expected that we will develop further cooperation with these units. Presently one of the Fonterra contract consultants is advising on us the design of our dairy training unit.

In addition many MOUs have been signed with local farmers and those who farm in Shenzhen in order to give further production animal clinical education experiences to the students, e.g beef feedlot management. It is expected that students when selecting electives will have additional opportunities to go again to these units and also others obtained through contact with international farming and veterinary contacts.

Agreements / MOUs have been signed with the following associations:

Federation of Hong Kong Agricultural Associations
Pigs, Cattle, Poultry, Freshwater and Marine Fish 豬、牛、家禽、淡水和海水魚
The New Territories Chicken Breeders Association, Limited
Poultry 家禽
The Hong Kong Livestock Industry Association
Pigs and Poultry 豬及家禽
Tai Tong Ecoriding School
Equine 馬
The Federation of Pig Raising Cooperative Societies of Hong Kong, Kowloon, and New Territories, Limited
Pigs 豬
Falcon Dairy Holdings Limited Dairy Cattle 乳牛
Hong Kong New Territories Fish Culture Association
Freshwater Fish 淡水魚
Sin Tin Fishery Products Company Limited
Freshwater Fish 淡水魚
Mark Glory Industrial Limited
Marine Fish 海水魚
Tai Tong Animal Galaxy
Zoo animals, goats, exotic birds, cattle, pigs, rabbits
The Hong Kong Pig Raising Development Federation
Pigs 豬