Large Display Panels in CSC Teaching Studio Areas

by Simpson Wong, Yeung Man

To better serve our users, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) has installed three sets of 42-inch LED TV panel beside the entrances of the CSC Teaching Studio Areas on G/F, 4/F and 5/F of Academic 2.


AC2 4/F
AC2 5/F


These panels display the availability of computers for student use.

  • First, they show the number of available workstations in all Teaching Studios to facilitate student booking. The room numbers of the Teaching Studios which are available for student booking are shown on the first column. The numbers of seats available in the current hour and the next two are shown on the second, third and fourth column respectively. If the teaching studios have been booked for classes during these three hours, their room numbers will not be shown.
  • Besides booking information, the number of notebook computers available for daily loan with the web link and QR code pointed to the online CSC Teaching Studio Booking System are also shown on the display.

With the full HD resolution (1980 x 1080 pixels), the display can accommodate another pane for showing our recent activities like the CSC Forums, free computer training sessions, etc. At the same time, there is a marquee text line which scrolls news flashes horizontally at the bottom of the display.

As information on these panels can be seen from outside the CSC Teaching Studio Areas, our students will have a grasp of our room booking information and notebook computer loan status. Students may then quickly decide whether to borrow notebook computers or go directly to the rooms with free workstations without the need to check every room in person.

The display content will be refreshed regularly and in the future, when linked up with the web and RSS sites, it will bring real time information (like news and weather report) to our users.