Notebook Ownership Programme (NOP) for Students

by Joe Chow

The Notebook Ownership Programme (NOP) has been run for many years and had always been one of the most well received programmes for students since the programme addressed their learning needs with notebooks at high discounted prices.

This year’s NOP roadshows were held during 6-10 December 2010 and 10-15 January 2011. Four choices of notebook models were made available, they were:

(1) Ultra-light Model: IdeaPad S10-3s,

(2) Slim/Light Weighted Model: ThinkPad X201

(3) Economy Model: IdeaPad X460A

(4) High Performance Model: ThinkPad T410

Each student could buy one notebook computer selected from the models listed above. Students may purchase two units of notebook computers provided that one of them, but not both, had to be model (1).

Among the thousand units sold, many students preferred the light weight models, such as IdeaPad S10-3s or ThinkPad X201 since these models are more suitable for mobile learning.

The major difference in NOP this year was the “joint” programme which ran in parallel with the Notebook Ownership Scheme for Students (NOSS) 2010. The NOSS was implemented as a move to support student learning through IT. It provides a subsidy to eligible students for a notebook computer purchased from either the NOP 2010 organized by the Computing Services Centre (CSC) or the Digital Technology Festival 2010 (DTF 2010) organized by the Student Union (SU). The NOSS scheme has also replaced the Student Notebook Computer Long Term Loan Scheme (LLS) 2010 as the former has provided a wider choice of different notebook models for selection from the abovementioned authorized notebook ownership programmes. For details of NOSS 2010, please check out the web page at