Microsoft Student Option as a Learning Support

by Yeung Man

In order to enhance students’ learning, the Microsoft Student Option (MSO) under the existing Microsoft’s Campus Agreement (MCA) has been launched since February 2009 (please see the details of the MSO at ). Through the MSO, the University provides free licensed Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 and ForeFront Client Security (anti-virus software) to all full time and part time students who have enrolled in regular academic programmes. The provision includes the following as long as the University continues to subscribe the MSO under MCA for aforementioned software:

  • one licence for each type of software to be installed on one personally-owned computer,
  • free upgrades to the newer versions, and
  • perpetual use rights for the latest versions available at the time of graduation.


The Computing Services Centre (CSC) has to determine and acquire sufficient number of media for software to be distributed under the MSO. Students are therefore requested to submit applications to the CSC which can be done online by selecting the option "Application for Microsoft Student Option (MSO)" at . Successful applicants were notified by email and informed of the instructions to download the Microsoft ForeFront Client Security online. They were also invited to reserve a time slot at for collecting the software media of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. For a description of the differences between the Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 and other versions of Microsoft Office, please visit .

For those students who use Macintosh computers, they can choose the Macintosh version of the Office Enterprise at application time though the CSC will not be able to provide formal support to it. However, as the ForeFront Client Security does not have a Macintosh version, these students have to purchase their own anti-virus software.

The first round of MSO applications held during the period of 12 - 22 February 2009 has been successfully completed. Almost two thousand students have already collected their software media in early March 2009. Subsequent rounds of MSO applications will be scheduled on a regular basis. Announcements will be sent through email to all eligible students.