SAS Campus License

by Joe Lee

The CityU has recently subscribed the SAS Education Analytical Suite (EAS). Apart from the fundamental products bundled in the EAS foundation offer, some optional SAS products which are currently used by departments for teaching and research are also included in the contract. Under the Terms and Conditions of the EAS, the CityU is granted the following privileges:

1. Install all covered SAS products on the Microsoft Windows/Server platform and authorized hardware (personal computer and a specific server).

2. Staff and students are allowed Academic Home Use and remote access to the authorized hardware.

3. Resources for academics and researchers to enhance the use of SAS analytics and solutions in teaching and research.

For desktop or notebook usage, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) will arrange distribution of software media of the latest SAS version to the concerned departments. Staff may install SAS on their office computers by using the software media or through the Staff LAN’s Work Desk Menu. They may also borrow the software media to install SAS on one personally owned laptop/desktop computer for academic purposes running Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista (Enterprise, Business and Ultimate), or Windows 7 (Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate). Departments are required to ensure the borrowers understand the Terms and Conditions of use and keep such usage records for annual audit by SAS.

Regarding server set up, staff should note that SAS requires a dedicated license key for each server to be installed. To apply for the server license key, the concerned departments may raise an online CSC Work Request and provide details of the server including the number and type of CPU, manufacturer, model/type and serial number. The CSC will then assist them in obtaining the server license key and the path for acquiring the soft copy for their installation. Staff should also beware of the limited support of the Linux platform: only RHEL 4/5 and SuSE SLES 9/10/11 are supported at the moment.

Under the EAS arrangement, students are granted the privilege for Academic Home Use. Departments may duplicate the software media and distribute/loan to concerned students or assist them to install the software by using the most convenient method. Similar to the EAS for staff use, departments should ensure that all students who use SAS at home understand the Terms and Conditions of the use and such usage records are properly kept at the departments for annual audit by SAS. Departments should also remind students that only some Windows versions are supported and the software license will expire on 30 June each year.

The expiry date of ALL SAS products included in the EAS has been aligned to 30 June 2011. Renewal of optional SAS products will depend on the actual usage. If new SAS products other than the existing subscriptions are required, departments should pay for the additional subscriptions.

For a list of SAS products, Terms and Conditions of SAS EAS, Academic Home Use and Remote Access as well as forms for recording usage records, please visit the following website