Analyses on Central IT Services

by Raymond Poon

Before the inception of Banner - our University ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) can only provide operational and transactional data regarding the efficiency of its services. Now armed with vast organizational business intelligence data derived from Banner, the CSC is now able to make use of both sets of data to derive more meaningful analyses. These in turn enable the CSC to achieve the following:

  • maintain business agility by spotting and rectifying quickly any IT inefficiency, inadequacy, provisioning problems before impacting business and users
  • continuously improve user satisfaction, business processes, infrastructure capacity, manpower utilization, service delivery, short-term and long-term strategic planning
  • allow the creation of self-help IT knowledge database and automatic IT service provisioning to take place smoothly
  • make better business decision through practicing evidence management by referencing these analyses
  • provide an analytical framework from which service metrics can be flexibly derived/updated/monitored to adapt/adjust/shift the service focuses according to the changing business needs

The CSC is pleased to share with readers the following analyses which are self-explanatory. Should departments be interested in a more detailed breakdown on these analyses or wish to see analyses not shown here, please contact your CSC Representatives.

Analysis Report
CSC Student Terminal Area Entrance Count By Faculty
Print Quota System Report
Wireless LAN Usage Statistics
No Of Notebook PC Loans Per Week
CSC Help Desk Annual Statistics
Summary of Number of Network Connections
Facts & Figures of Campus Network
Incoming Email and Spam Statistics
Web Site Hosting Statistics

e-Learning/e-Portal Statistics


Bb Course & Organization Usages (Courses on Blackboard by Semester)

Bb Course & Organization Usages (Total number of Organizations by type)
Bb User & Account Usages (Number of users with different role(s) in Blackboard)
Bb User & Account Usages (Users with My Content & e-Portfolio)

Bb User Login Count by Week

Bb User Login Count by Hours of Day
Bb User Login Count by Day of Week