New Policy on Use of IT Services and Facilities

by Louisa Tang

In the past, IT policies and regulations were developed in a relatively piece-meal manner, and established as and when the need arose. The Committee on Information Services and Technology, at its meeting in December 2006, agreed to formulate a comprehensive and structured set of regulations on IT services. A task group was formed comprising of Dr. J T Yu (CIO), Prof. Christian Wagner (IS), Dr. Jonathan Webster (CTL), Mr. Raymond Poon (CSC), and Mrs. W K Yu (ESU) to help draft the new regulations.

The new “Policy on Use of IT Services and Facilities” was endorsed by the Committee on Information Services and Technology in April 2007. The Policy covers the general rules that apply to the use of all IT Services and Facilities in the University. Under the umbrella of this University-wide policy, there are specific regulations that govern the different IT services such as CityU Electronic Mail, Campus IT Network, Electronic University Data, etc.

The policy must be observed by all students, staff, alumni, applicants, guests, visitors and any other persons who have been given access to the University IT Services. To read the new policy, login the e-Portal, click the University Services tab, and then select the link under the Computing Services Centre module.