Internet Bandwidth Upgrades

by C.Y. Kwok

Starting from October 1st the bandwidths of the HARNET's International Internet link and the University's own Internet link have been upgraded from 155 Mbps to 240 Mbps, and from 12 Mbps to15 Mbps respectively. Apart from the bandwidth upgrades, the local HARNET2 connections, which used to be ATM links, have been replaced with Fast Ethernet links. The upgrades will be able to cater the bandwidth requirements of our users in the next 12 months as well as to ensure a smooth network performance by avoiding congestions during peak hours.

The following diagram shows the upgraded HARNET:




HARNET2 is a local metropolitan area network linking the eight local universities to Internet2 (please see the section on "HARNET Connectivity to Internet2" on, over which our academic staff may collaborate with other overseas universities on various research projects. IPv6, a suite of the next-generation Internet protocols, is supported over the HARNET2's Internet2 link; therefore our users may communicate with the global IPv6 communities over this link.