Upgrade of the HARNET/Internet Infrastructure

by C. Y. Kwok

In order to meet the increase in demand of Internet bandwidth of the local universities, the International Internet link (via EQUANT) of HARNET (Hong Kong Academic & Research Network) was upgraded from 48 Mbps to 72 Mbps on 18 July, 2001. The local ATM connections linking up the eight local universities to HARNET were also upgraded to match the newly improved International Internet bandwidth on 1 September, 2001. As a result of the upgrade, the City University (CityU) is now connected to HARNET at a bandwidth of 36 Mbps.



Apart from sharing the International Internet bandwidth, the CityU also shares the following with the other HARNET member institutions:

60 Mbps local Internet bandwidth to HKIX
2 Mbps Internet bandwidth to CERNET (China Educational & Research Network)
512 Kbps Internet bandwidth to TANET (Academia Sinica of Taiwan)

Projects are under way in upgrading the bandwidth of the TANET link. CityU's own Internet link of bandwidth 12 Mbps, was migrated from UUNET to LEVEL 3 on 29 September, 2001. In addition to that, a local Internet connection of 30 Mbps was also set up to HKIX via the NewT&T at the end of October, to provide a high-speed link between broadband users at home and the university.