Enhanced Security Control on

by Joe Chow

Network security is of great importance when information exchange is concerned. For public machines like the Express Terminals that are easily reached by outsiders, system logon is a must to safeguard the users, and that was why it was introduced several years ago. However, it seems that this measure is still not enough, and therefore a smart card authentication system is now in place.

Express Terminals always provide an immediate access to the Internet. For instance, students prefer to use the Express Terminals to check their email, book University facilities, download lecture notes, etc. The smart card authentication system can secure all these processes and no one can use the students' accounts to login if he/she doesn't produce their CityU Smart Card.

Below are the new pop-up pages students will see at the Express Terminals:


Figure1: Previous Express Terminal Login System


Figure 2: New Express Terminal Login System (waiting for smart card)


Figure 3: New Express Terminal Login System (waiting for password)

In the old Express Terminal Login System, users are only required to enter their application password to logon. In the new login system, users need to place their CityU smart card on the reader provided. When the system reads the card, it will go to the server to find out the username and display it. To increase the security, students are not allowed to modify this username. However, some staff may have more than one user accounts, so staff are allowed to change it if they wish.

Students' cooperation is highly required to make their own login fully secure. Students are reminded to restart the Express Terminals after use and not to leave their accounts open to the successor, or they will be responsible for any intrusion to their accounts. They may choose either the restart button (the RED button) installed or the restart icon on the desktop to clear all the login information.