Security Uplift for the Express Terminals

by Joe Chow

The 38 Express Terminals located all over the campus have been a very handy means for the CityU community to access the campus network and the Internet ever since their set-up by the Computing Services Centre (CSC). However, this handiness also attracts the attention of some outsiders or even hackers. Even though the 5-minute time-out mechanism is implemented for Express Terminals that are left idle or without logout, there may still be a chance for the machines to be misused or even hacked. In order to avoid such risk, a password security program is to be applied.


This program prompts users to enter their usernames and passwords of their intranet accounts before allowing them to use the Express Terminals. Users without proper login are denied access to the services provided on them.
As for logout, users can either click the logout icon on the desktop

, select the logout button on the Express Terminal Homepage, or press the red RESET button on the Express Terminals.

In the next phase, the CSC is studying the feasibility of using the smart card for Express Terminal login, and we will keep you informed of the latest development.