Computer Ownership Programme 2003

by Raymond Poon

In view of the increasing popularity of notebook computers for use on campus and at home, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) has successfully partnered with the IBM to organize a Computer Ownership Programme for both students and staff. Six latest models of IBM ThinkPad notebook computers plus printers and other peripherals are all offered at special discount rates up to 36% off the market price. All models, except the one with the lowest price tag, come with a 3-year international warranty. They all have been certified by the CSC to work under both the wireless and wired LANs of the campus network.

The on-campus IBM ThinkPad Service Centre (next to the CSC entrance) has been established to provide immediate maintenance service to staff's and students' ThinkPad notebooks. As an added service upon request, the service centre will also pre-install or re-install staff's or departments' ThinkPad notebooks free of charge with the following software:

  • Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP Professional
  • CityLink Plus (Software for remote access via modem at home)
  • Wireless LAN (ready for use once the Wireless LAN card is registered with the CSC)
  • McAfee Virus Scan (If the notebook is personally-owned, only a 3-moth trial version will be installed )

With great savings and CSC's certification, the Programme has proved to be a very successful one.