Computer Ownership Programme for Students: Have You Grasped the Chance as Well?

by Noel Laam

A computer, a popular and indispensable tool today, may still have not found its place in our students’ homes before. To enable our students to take home a brand new computer for studies or leisure, the Computing Services Centre organised a “Computer Ownership Programme for Students” in October 1999.

Special offers on desktop and notebook computers from well-known vendors such as IBM, Dell, Compaq and Sun Microsystems were provided in this Programme, and the prices were guaranteed to be the lowest in town. At as low as HK$ 6,200, students could purchase a computer of the latest model with 1-3 year warranty, some choices even bundled with Internet service. To allow flexibility, some vendors accepted payment by installment to accommodate various financial needs of students. The thrilling news was, after vigorous negotiation, the Programme was extended to cover all CityU staff, and our colleagues could therefore take advantage of this unusual opportunity. The Programme came to an end in late October with enthusiastic participation from the CityU community. The CSC is exploring the possibility of including other vendors in the second round of the exercise to provide more preferential options for our staff and students, and colleagues may just watch out for it.