Re-organisation of the Computing Services Centre

by K H Poon
In order to re-orient itself to be in line with the development of the University, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) has repositioned itself to focus mainly on the support of IT infrastructure and on the technical support to users in various departments, and the previous Administration and Business Section was disengaged from the CSC to merge with the Web Teaching Support Services to form the new Enterprise Solutions Unit.

The new structure of the CSC consists of 7 groups led by two Associate Directors, who will then report to the Director of Computing Services:

  1. Infrastructure

    1. Communication and Network Group -- responsible for the support of backbone network, wide-area network connections, wireless LAN, dialup, and network services such as: DHCP, DNS, Proxy, etc.

    2. Facilities Support Group -- responsible for the hardware and software support as well as repair services for computer equipment in departments, Lecture Theatres, and CSC terminal areas. It will also support the video conferencing system, the smart-card systems, and CSC express terminals scattered around the campus.

    3. Operations Group -- responsible for the day-to-day operations in the computer room and the service counter.

  2. Technical Support

    1. Host Systems Group -- responsible for the support of Unix hosts, application and database servers, network attached storage, installation of host application software, email, BBS, Internet/Intranet technology, and TV services.


      User Services Group - responsible for the support of LAN servers, operating system and application programs on client machines, user support on host application software, user training, publications, and video-on-demand services.

    3. Help Desk Group -- responsible for answering users' queries on phone and if necessary dispatching support staff to resolve user problems on site.

    4. MPS - a CSC staff member is assigned to oversee its day-to-day operation.

The General Office, reporting directly to the Director of Computing Services, assumes its existing role and assists the above 7 groups to operate smoothly to serve the University.

Despite the cut in manpower, the CSC will endeavour to provide an advanced computing environment for you to work in, and we continue to count on your valuable comment and feedback to help us improve and serve you even better.