Forthcoming Series of Seminars and Talks

by Annie Yu

As an I.T. support unit, the Computing Services Centre (CSC) has an obligation to introduce the most advanced technology to students and faculty. Therefore, during each academic calendar year, the CSC hosts bi-weekly seminars, known as the CSC Forum, to present topics that are of maximum academic value. The focus of the CSC Forum series is on communication between CityU and the outside world on any and all topics pertaining to computing technology. Typically, a speaker from industry or elsewhere in academia is invited to present their current work in an informal setting on campus (Room Neptune inside the CSC Student Terminal Area). These seminars are also open to the public as advertised in the South China Morning Post and have always been well received by our staff and students alike.

Some of the hottest topics presented in last academic year were:

Seminar Title

Presented by

Head Count

The Latest Technology of Microsoft on Web Site Creation and Management - FrontPage 2000



Intranet/Internet Security

Cisco Systems


Intel  Itaniumâ„¢ Processor Micro-Architecture Overview



Public Key Infrastructure and Hongkong Post e-Cert

Hongkong Post


Macromedia - Add Life to Web

PacRim Technologies


Introduction to Broadband Internet

Cable & Wireless HKT


Steps to Building the Portal



Office 2000 - New Functionality of Premium Upgrade



To ensure that everyone on campus will benefit from these events, the seminars are now available for viewing at any time via CityVoD. Simply bring up the Intranet home page, click "VideoNet" followed by "CityVoD" and choose from the list of videos under the Category "CSC Forum".

This year, we have lined up a number of superb seminars commencing from 29 September 2000. These include "Linux", "XML", "K7", "J2EE", Windows CE-based Palm-size PC, "WAP phones" and many more. The seminars are free to the CityU community and no pre-registration is required. Watch closely for seminar announcements, e-mail messages, and posters if you don't want to miss any of these special events. If you need to talk to the organisers, just ring us at ext. 9834 or drop a note in our mailbox at Your comments are most welcome.