Keep in Touch with Technology

by Annie Yu

Is keeping up with technology one of your hobbies in life? If this is the case, Computing Services Centre (CSC) Forum and Small Talks are definitely your cup of tea. CSC Forum is a series of seminars conducted during each Semester for all staff and students. Computer professionals from industry leaders are invited to give presentations and demonstrations on their latest technologies. Prior to each seminar, there will be a formal announcement on the Intranet, e-mail sent to every staff and student as well as posters on each department’s notice board. CSC Small talks, on the other hand, are usually on technical matters that revolve around the campus such as “Installing Windows 2000 in CityU”, “Tips in Using E-mail” and "Simplified and Traditional Chinese Web Pages Conversion". Depending on your preference, you may join any of them without any prior registration. The followings are just some of the seminar topics that may arouse your interest in the forthcoming year:

  • ORiNOCO Wireless LAN - Your Mobile Broadband Internet Access - Lucent
  • The Gigabit Ethernet - Cisco
  • Windows XP - Microsoft
  • Data Analysis using SAS
  • Deliver Frictionless Information Access Through Networked Storage - EMC
  • High Performance Computing - SUN Microsystems
  • Web Services - The Ultimate Answer from XML - XML Asia
  • A Close Look at Video-on-Demand - Kasenna
  • Virtual Reality - SGI

For many years, these seminars and talks had been well received by both staff and students. The reason is quite clear. The entire CityU community believes in life-long learning and whole-person development. One way of doing so is to have a good exposure to technology.