Upcoming CSC Forums and Small Talks

by Annie Yu

Are you a person who likes to spend an afternoon at the Computer Expo’ just to see what’s happening in the computing arena? Does your job require you to keep up-to-date with the latest technology? If your answer to either or both of these questions is ‘yes’, you should consider attending seminars and talks organised by the Computing Services Centre (CSC).

Starting Semester A 1999/2000, we will be hosting a number of exciting seminars. The first to be held this fall will feature the Office 2000 that everyone has been waiting for. As Linux is becoming more and more popular nowadays, a special seminar has been organised for this topic of interest. Other hot topics include FrontPage 2000, Web Security, PC Technology Trend in 1999/2000, and Chinese Input. Apart from the CSC Forum, we also have some casual Small Talk sessions in store for you during this Semester. Being held in a casual atmosphere and chaired by our most experienced CSC staff members, Small Talk serves as a channel to deliver vital and useful information so that all CityU staff are properly educated in the use of the computing facilities and services offered by the CSC. Owing to an enthusiastic response, a re-run of the previous session on the Application of Chinese in Word Processing, E-mail and the Web will be held again this early October. Subsequent talks include Composing University Messages for the CityU Intranet, Introducing On-campus Video Services, Tips in Using Windows 98 and more. If you do not want to miss any of these events, just keep an eye on the e-mail sent from the Computing Services Centre. Besides, closer to the event, the time and place will be posted on “Campus News” of the CityU Intranet as well as the CSC’s Web site at http://www/csc/deptweb/services/user-education/csc-forum.htm.

If you have a seminar topic in mind that you would like to share with everyone else, please feel free to contact us on ext. 8280 or simply send an e-mail to ccnetcom@cityu.edu.hk.