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Health Tips and Reminders

While you all are working hard spending long hours in front of your personal computer and other electronic devices every day, we wish to bring to you the following health tips/reminders to help keep your body and mind in good shape during this exceptional period:

Health Tips
Stretching Dance

10-minute Exercise
十分鐘 活力操
(Copyright from Centre for Health Protection, Department of Health, HKSAR)
Exercise in the Workplace - Neck
工作間活絡伸展操 - 頸部

Exercise in the Workplace - Shoulders
工作間活絡伸展操 - 肩膊

Exercise in the Workplace - Waist and Back
工作間活絡伸展操 - 腰背

Exercise in the Workplace - Wrists
工作間活絡伸展操 - 手腕
(Copyright from Healthy Exercise for All Campaign, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR)
顯示屏幕設備工作間的鬆弛運動 (Download Video – Chinese Version Only)
(Copyright from Occupational Safety & Health Council)
Health & Safety Reminders
Proper Use of Computers

Use Chairs Correctly
(Copyright from Labour Department, HKSAR)
20-20-20 護眼法則 (Online Video – Chinese Version Only)

安全使用電腦屏幕 (Chinese Version Only)
(Copyright from Occupational Safety & Health Council)
Safe Use of Tablet PCs and Smartphones

Working with Display Screen Equipment
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