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Appointees for Faculty Positions

Terms of Appointment and Substantiation of Appointment

Appointment will be offered on gratuity-bearing contract terms. Faculty members will be reviewed for contract renewal before substantiation of appointment* is granted.

Assistant Professors are required to attain substantiation of appointment with promotion to Associate Professor within a maximum 6-year period which shall count from the commencement date of appointment.

Associate Professors and above are also required to attain substantiation of appointment within a maximum 6-year period of University service.

For individuals with prior faculty service in other academic institution(s), recognition for some or all this prior service may be given, and the 6-year period may be shortened.

On substantiation of appointment, the period of employment, subject to termination conditions, will be continuous until retirement age, normally at 65.

*Substantiation of appointment is not applicable to faculty members appointed on Clinical Grade Staff Terms of Service.

Remuneration Package

  1. "Salary" + "Cash Allowance" (discretionary) + "Sign-on/Golden Handcuff Bonus" (discretionary)
    Salary + Cash Allowance + Sign-on/
    Golden Handcuff Bonus
    - Market and performance-based pay review   - Discretionary, market and performance-based; not dependent on needs

    - A lump sum payable monthly (non-accountable)
      - Discretionary, market and performance-based

    - For a very small group of talent
  2. Contract-end gratuity or service gratuity, and Mandatory Provident Fund

    Faculty members will draw a contract-end gratuity on satisfactory completion of a fixed-term contract.

    Once substantiation of appointment is awarded, faculty members will receive a service gratuity payable for every 3 years on satisfactory completion of service.  The gratuity payment (i.e. contract-end gratuity or service gratuity) and the University’s contribution to the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme will total a 15 % of the basic salary earned during the contract period of service.

  3. A one-off relocation assistance up to a maximum of HK$40,000 on a reimbursement basis, will be provided for faculty members recruited from overseas.
  4. Leave
    • Annual leave (22 working days per year; 26 working days per year on completion of 10 years of service);
    • Birthday leave (1 day on a discretionary basis);
    • Special/conference leave (28 working days per year, advance and exceptional approval on special request beyond 28 working days possible);
    • Sabbatical leave (the University may contribute one month’s leave per year of service up to a maximum of 4.5 months) (not applicable to faculty members appointed on Clinical Grade Staff Terms of Service);
    • Sick leave (entitlement depending on length of service);
    • Maternity leave (a maximum of 14 weeks); and
    • Paternity leave (7 working days with pay / 7 working days without pay if insufficient service period on each occasion of childbirth)
  5. Medical and Dental Schemes

    The University offers basic outpatient, hospital and dental provisions to appointees and their eligible dependants.  Medical and dental services may be sought from the University appointed medical practitioners, an appointed panel of dentists and the on-campus health centre.  Reimbursement up to a defined limit for medical services obtained from private medical practitioners is also allowed.  When hospital treatment is necessary, the University will contribute to part of the cost of treatment.

Outside Practice

The University encourages faculty members to undertake Outside Practice to support knowledge transfer as part of its mission to contribute its expertise to benefit industry, commerce and the community.  Outside Practice should focus on high level and advance work, normally in the form of a consultancy, that will strengthen the links of the University with the community.  Prior approval for undertaking such activities, with or without remuneration, needs to be obtained from the Approval Authority.  Net proceeds from Outside Practice will be split between the faculty member and the University.


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