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Office Hours Mon - Fri:
8:45 a.m. - 5:50 p.m.
Addr 17/F, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building,
City University of HK,
83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, HK

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Staff Directory

Administration of personnel matters in the:

ACE, ACRC, AIM, ANSD, ARO, BME, BST, CASM, CBNN, CCCN, CCNS, CDO, CDTC, CENG Office, CFP, CFSC, CHEM, COSDAF, CRA, CS, CSCI Office, CSCR, CSIE, CUC, EE, FCMC, FMO, FO, H2O, HKIAS, HKIDS, ICTC, LBJ, MA, MNE, MERC, MSE, NPMM, PHY, RO, SDSC, SEEM, SKLMP, SKLMW, UP, Dean(CENG), Dean(CSCI), Dean(SDSC), Dir(EDGE), VP(RT), VP(SA), Chief-of-Staff, Prof. C T Liu, Prof. Philippe Ciarlet, Prof. Roderick Wong

Team A

Position Name Responsible Department Phone Email
Human Resources Manager Ms Susan S K LUI   3442 9280


Personal Secretary Ms Christina S T TSOI   3442 9277 hrcti
Supervisory Executive Officer Miss Katherine K Y LAU ACE, ACRC, BME, BST, CCNS, CHEM, COSDAF, CSCI Office, CUC, FCMC, H2O, HKIAS, PHY, RO, SKLMP, Dean(CENG), Director(EDGE), VP(RT), Chief-of-Staff, Prof. C T Liu, Prof. Roderick Wong 3442 9236 katherine.lau
Executive Officer I Ms Emily K M LEUNG AIM, ANSD, ARO, CASM, CDTC, CENG Office, CFP, CRA, CS, CSIE, FO, HKIDS, MERC, MNE, MSE, NPMM, SDSC, SEEM, Dean(SDSC), VP(SA) 3442 2839 emileung
  Ms Louise N L WAN CBNN, CCCN, CDO, CFSC, CSCR, EE, FMO, ICTC, LBJ, MA, SKLMW, UP, Dean(CSCI), Prof. Philippe Ciarlet 3442 5371 louise.wan
Executive Officer II Miss Jane Y C WONG   3442 9254 yatcwong
Clerical Officer I Miss Esther L S CHAN CCNS, CFP, MSE, PHY, Prof. Roderick Wong 3442 9524 hrecn
Ms Sze Y S CHAN BME, BST, CRA, Dean(CENG), VP(RT), Prof. C T Liu 3442 5908 yeukschan4

Ms Irene M W CHENG

LBJ, MA, Dean(CSCI), Prof. Philippe Ciarlet 3442 9281 hricg
Ms Peony W K WONG CSIE, HKIAS, SEEM 3442 9265 Peony.Wong
Clerical Officer II Ms Ankie C K CHAN AIM, ARO, CDTC, CHEM, COSDAF, CS, FCMC, H2O, MERC, SKLMP, Chief-of-Staff, VP(SA) 3442 9262 Ankie.Chan
Ms Tammy S Y CHAN ACE, ACRC, CDO 3442 9352 Tammy.Chan
  Ms Charis M L SO CBNN, CCCN, CFSC, CSCR, EE, HKIDS, ICTC, RO, SDSC, SKLMW, CENG Office, CSCI Office, Dean(SDSC) 3442 7179 hrcso
  Miss Christy Y T WONG ANSD, CASM, CUC, FMO, FO, MNE, NPMM, UP 3443 7027 chrwong
  Ms Tammy T Y CHONG   3442 9250 tychong
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