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Mr Steven Fung

Principal Patent Attorney of Real & Complex IP Services Limited (HK)

Mr Steven Fung is a Registered Patent Attorney (Australia and New Zealand) and has over 15 years of experience in the patent industry. He started his career as a Patent Examiner at the Australian Patent Office before joining the attorney profession and subsequently joined an international patent attorney firm in Hong Kong as an Associate and then as a Partner for 6 years. In 2021, he established his own firm, Real & Complex IP, to directly serve the innovation and research community of Hong Kong and mainland China.

Mr Fung is an expert on all patent and design related matters and is particularly strong in representing originating clients to draft and file patent applications for their inventions. He has an attention to detail and a strong understanding of various engineering and scientific disciplines, with a particularly strong practice in computing, electronic and electrical inventions. More recently, he has worked on various advancements in data processing and artificial intelligence, which are both areas in which he had conducted research in his honours year under the supervision of Professor Claude Sammut (UNSW) and the late Emeritus Professor Donald Michie.

Mr Fung has worked with a broad range of clients ranging from SMEs, universities, government research labs and international corporations. He understands the different needs of each business and is able to suitably adapt any IP advice or strategy to the business needs of his clients. He is also heavily involved in the innovation, designs and innovation communities of Hong Kong, and is a mentor, adviser and assessor for various incubation and entrepreneurship programmes, including mentor to the Founder Institute; mentor to the HKU Business School, mentor to the Design Incubation Centre and a vetting committee member of the Entrepreneurship Committee Advisory Group (ECAG) member of Cyberport.

As part of his involvement and commitment to the profession and the innovation community, Mr Fung is also an active member of the Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA) HK Chapter and is on the Patents Committee of the APAA.


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