Start-up Stories

  • Invisible Tech


    Enhancing audio immersion with CityUHK inventor

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  • Locolla Limited


    The AI journey of bike sharingThe AI journey of bike sharing

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  • NerOcean


    Monitoring the ocean’s health with photochemical sensor

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  • Alcarbo


    Farming Microalgae for Carbon Capture to Help Achieve Carbon Neutrality

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  • LASO


    Let the Neglected Be Heard

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    Biotech Entrepreneur “Creating Art” through His Start-up

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  • Vitargent

    Vitargent was awarded the Grand Prix at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in 2015.

    Pioneer in toxicity testing technology

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  • Carful

    Story - Carful

    Driving into the Next Century at Full Speed

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  • AI Motion


    Volleyball Spiker and Tech Expert Revolutionizes Sports Education

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  • i2Cool


    Passive Radiative Cooling Paint to Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Emissions

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