HK Tech 300 Seed Fund

The University sets up the HK Tech 300 Seed Fund under the HK Tech 300 Programme. It gives our students a chance to open their minds to endless possibilities and turn their imagination into reality. Each successful team will receive a seed fund of HK$100,000 to develop innovative ideas into a start-up. At the end of the 6-12 months' funding period, eligible teams will be recommended to compete for the HK Tech 300 Angel Fund of up to HK$1M.

HK Tech 300 Seed Fund Application Guidelines

Application timeline

  5th cohort 6th cohort 7th cohort 8th cohort
Application opens 16 February 2022 18 May 2022 24 August 2022 23 November 2022
Application deadline 9 March 2022 12:00 NOON 8 June 2022 12:00 NOON 14 September 2022 12:00 NOON 14 December 2022 12:00 NOON
Selection interviews 1-8 April 2022 4-8 July 2022 10-14 October 2022 Mid-January 2023
Result announcement Mid-April 2022 Mid-July 2022 Late October 2022 Late January 2023

Apply Now

Please have the following ready for completing the online application form:

  • Personal particulars of all team members including the person-in-charge (PIC), and the advisors (if any)
  • Project details including project title, technology/industrial area, abstract, budget proposal, current challenges in the industry, project/solution to be developed, background IP (if any) and relevant technology to be involved, design specification and competitive advantages of the project/solution over the current competitors
  • Milestones of the proposed product development to be achieved, technology readiness level
  • Proof of association with CityU for the PIC (e.g. staff/student card, graduation certificate)
  • CVs of all team members including the PIC