HK Tech 300 Seed Fund

The University sets up the HK Tech 300 Seed Fund under the HK Tech 300 Programme. It gives our students a chance to open their minds to endless possibilities and turn their imagination into reality. Each successful team will receive a seed fund of HK$100,000 to develop innovative ideas into a start-up. At the end of the 6-12 months' funding period, eligible teams will be recommended to compete for the HK Tech 300 Angel Fund of up to HK$1M.

HK Tech 300 Seed Fund Application Guidelines

Application timeline

  12th cohort 13th cohort 14th cohort 15th cohort
29 November 2023 21 February 2024 8 May 2024 9 October 2024
13 December 2023
12:00 NOON
6 March 2024
12:00 NOON
22 May 2024
12:00 NOON
23 October 2024
12:00 NOON
Early January 2024 Mid-April 2024 Mid-June 2024 Mid-November 2024
Early February 2024 Early May 2024 Mid-July 2024 Mid-December 2024

Apply Now

Please have the following ready for completing the online application form:

  • Personal particulars of all team members including the person-in-charge (PIC), and the advisors (if any)
  • Project details including project title, technology/industrial area, abstract, budget proposal, current challenges in the industry, project/solution to be developed, background IP (if any) and relevant technology to be involved, design specification and competitive advantages of the project/solution over the current competitors
  • Milestones of the proposed product development to be achieved, technology readiness level
  • Proof of association with CityU for the PIC (e.g. staff/student card, graduation certificate)
  • CVs of all team members including the PIC