Scholarships / Prizes at a glance

To recognize students' academic and non-academic achievement, the University offers various types of scholarships and prizes which are donated by individuals, private organizations, professional bodies or academic departments.  In general, the award value varies and it may range from HK$5,000 to HK$100,000 each.

The majority of scholarships and prizes are awarded based on academic performance and recipients are nominated by their respective Colleges/Schools/Academic Departments. Current students with outstanding academic performance may also be nominated for "CityU Scholarship" and "HKSAR Government Scholarship", "Hong Kong Jockey Club Undergraduate Scholarship" which are renewable subjected to students' continued good academic performance. 

For non-final year undergraduate students who would like to study overseas, they can apply for "HSBC Overseas Scholarship".

The University will identify high caliber students with outstanding academic and/or non-academic achievement for the entrance scholarships upon successful admission; students do not have to submit application separately. Entrance Scholarships are available for both local students and non-local students.

For non-academic awards, such as Community Service Awards, Outbound Exchange Scholarships, Sports Scholarships, Fang Brothers Whole Person Development Scholarships and FANs Awards, Student Development Services (SDS) will invite nominations from respective College/School/Department and/or put up notices and publicize through e-mail and CityU Announcement Portal (CAP) from time to time to invite applications. The details of scholarships which are currently available for application can be found here.

In addition, commencing from 2012, the HKSAR Government has offered two award schemes, namely Talent Development Scholarship (TDS) and Reaching Out Award (ROA), to recognise outstanding UGC-funded full-time students with demonstrable achievements or talent in non-academic areas and to provide support for students to participate in overseas learning, service projects, field/study trip or attend courses, etc.  For details, please click here.

Students can view the latest details of the scholarships and prizes, including the regulations, eligibility, maximum number of award, award value, awarding process and the application deadline, from the Scholarship and Financial Aid (SFA) system via AIMS under the following steps. Scholarships and prizes currently available can be referred to this summary list.

To view the catalogue of SFA records

select "Scholarship and Financial Aid" menu from "Student Services" via AIMS:
Student Services (Tab) > Scholarship and Financial Aid (Menu item) > SFA Catalogue

To view personal SFA records

select "Scholarship and Financial Aid Records" menu from "Personal Information" via AIMS Personal Information (Tab) > Scholarship and Financial Aid Records

For Alumni of CityU, they may view their "Scholarship and Financial Aid Records" via AIMS under the menu of "Alumni Services".

To view the list of available scholarships and prizes for nominations/ applications

select "SFA Scholarship and Prize Nomination/Application" menu from "Student Services" via AIMS
Student Services (Tab) > SFA Scholarship and Prize Nomination/Application



Please visit the University's European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy Notice which may apply to you, where applicable.

The University reserves the right to review, modify, revoke, or add to relevant scholarship regulations when necessary.