Student Leaders and Student Societies

Trainings for Student Leaders

SDS works closely with our student leaders from different student organizations and societies. Tailor-made workshops or development programs can be offered to individual student group or society upon request. Interested students can contact the Student Activities Team.

Workshops on Project Management

1Organising MegaSale
29 January 2018 (Mon), 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Remark: Student societies wishing to organise MegaSale in 2018 must first have had representatives attend this workshop.
Organizing MegaSales on Campus
2Ethics Training & Funding Application
1 February 2018 (Thur), 6:15pm – 7:30pm
Remark: Funding applications from student societies have not had representatives attend this workshop may not be considered by SDS.
3Strategies for Soliciting Sponsorship
26 February 2018 (Mon), 7:00pm – 9:00pm
4Use of Campus Facilities for Student Activities and Briefing for Safety Coordinators
1 March 2018 (Thur), 6:15pm – 7:45pm
Remark: Representatives of student societies are required to attend the workshop in order to activate the log-in account of online booking systems. All Safety Coordinators shall attend this briefing session.
Student leaders Orientation use of facilities 2017
Use of Facilities for Student Activities Safety_CDFO