Researching your career

Choosing the right career path isn't that difficult. It requires good strategy plus some careful research. Think of it like buying a product instead of making a "life decision." If you do that you might:

Step 1: Find out about yourself

Begin by thinking about yourself – know what you want
What you like to do?
What are my interests?
What do I enjoy doing?
What do I do for leisure? 
What your values are?
What kind of things are important to me?
What are you good at?
What skills do I have?
What you are like?
What traits do I have?
What are my general personal tendencies?
How would I describe myself in overall terms?
Click Aptitudes and assessments for know more.

Step 2: Explore different careers

Career Exploration – shopping around
How many types of careers are out there?
How are they connected?
How are they going to change?
What are the characteristics of these careers? 
What do people say about them?
Are there pros and cons?
Seeking out these Careers – find your product
Where do I find them?
Get information from a variety of sources.
How else do I find them?
Ask a career counsellor about your choices.
Ask friends/family their ideas.
Talk to people who are in the occupations you are interested in.
Click Career types and clusters for know more.

For more details, please refer to CLC website (Career Section).