Outbound Exchange Scholarships

Outbound exchange scholarships donated by enthusiastic donors are established to encourage and reward students in pursuit of outbound exchange programme. Full-time local UGC-funded undergraduate students who shall attend semester-based student exchange programme (institutional/ college/ departmental level) are eligible to compete for the scholarships. Nominations shall be made by respective College/School in April each year.


Generally, the selection criteria include:


·         have achieved a CGPA of 3 or above in the last semester/term of study

·         have fulfilled the English language requirements for exchange programme using English as the medium of instruction

·         have possessed promising attributes such as leadership potential, aspiration for advancement, etc.; and/or have participated in voluntary community service and have good conduct

·         have not previously participated in similar University-subsidized overseas exchange programmes

·         priority will be given to those who have proven financial needs, or have successfully applied for Government grants and loans


The value of the scholarships range from HK$10,000@ to HK$48,000@, depending on the destination of exchange studies.

Further details on the outbound exchange scholarships can be referred to the award regulations under the Scholarship and Financial Aid (SFA) system via AIMS.