PE Courses

PE Courses are organized with the aim to enable students acquire new sports skills and foster their life-long pursuit in sports. Courses include: Archery, Aerobic Dance, Badminton, Basic Mountain Craft, Basketball, Body Combat Canoeing, Chi Running, Exercise and Weight Control, Fencing, Fitball, Fitness Workshop, Golf,  Handball, High Intensity Interval Training, Indoor Soccer, Karate, Physical Fitness, Physical Training for Disciplinary Forces Candidates, Pilates- Mat, Running Improver, Snorkel Diving, Soccer, Social Dance, Softball, Sports Climbing, Squash, Step Aerobic Dance, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tai Chi Chuan (24 Forms), Tai Chi Sword, Tennis, Volleyball, Woodball and Yoga etc.
Please call 3442 8025 (PE General Office) or e-mail to

Students are also welcome to directly contact staff of the Program Development Team of the PE Section who are responsible for the administration of all PE Courses.

• Ms. Rebecca Lai 3442 8053
• Mr. Vincent Kwan 3442 8054
• Ms. Winnie Wong 3442 8052