Service-Learning Projects @SDS



Community Engagement Programme (CEP)

Community Engagement Programme (CEP) is aimed to bridge CityU students with the community and engage them in a variety of extra-curricular service-learning experiences with different targeted service groups.  

CEP provides a platform for students to identify the needs of the society, understand the challenges faced by the needy, enhance their soft skills including communication skills, responsibility, personal growth and reflect on how their learning from the social service experience applies to their daily life.  

There are one-off services and year-long projects for students to participate in. 2 year-long projects including:  

1. Animal Buddies:Volunteers lead other student volunteers with less experience in groups to provide services for the abandoned animals in the shelter and assist in daily cleaning and food distribution tasks.  

2. The Forgotten Side of the City:Volunteers facilitate the disadvantaged groups to share their life stories with others through public education events called Human Library and organise related service-learning activities for the participants to explore and understand more about the related social issues.  

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Servant Leadership Training Programme (SLTP)

Since 2015, Servant Leadership Training Programme (SLTP) has been developed with the objective of developing a positive attitude and a service-driven mind-set in students. Participants received training in the core principles of servant leadership according to Robert Greenleaf that puts ‘others-first’ on everyday practice.  

SLTP provides a platform for them to develop planning, organizational and leadership skills in the service of others and to learn to work with teammates from various academic disciplines and collaborate with people from all walks of lives. 

service teams for you to choose:  

1. Wellness Transformer: Servant Leaders provide fitness and wellness activities for low-income children or disadvantaged groups;

2. Food Friendster: Servant Leaders pay home-visits and deliver life-story writing services for elderly people using food assistance service  

3. Wise Walker: Servant Leaders conduct individual tutorial sessions and personal growth activities for children/adolescents of disabled parents  

4. Imagineer: Servant Leaders provide image building services for NGOs by using social media platforms and marketing campaign.  

For more information, please visit SLTP's website at or Facebook page at

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Service Outreach Experience Programme (SOEP)

Service Outreach Experience Programme (SOEP) is established to encourage students to widen their horizons and gain global insights by participating in overseas community services. Two main tupes of service: Overseas Service Trips and Cross-cultural learning programmes, aiming to redefine their roles in a positive way, analyse senses from a widen perspective and reflect on their live purposes through service-learning experiences.  

In Jan 2020, SOEP organised a service tour to Nepal to help students to transform the exposure and learning experience to enhance their qualities of forbearance, tolerance, determination and being grateful for everything.  

In view of COVID-19, SOEP has organized a series of virtual cultural programs. More service tours to different part of the world in the future will be organized depending on situations. Stay tuned!