Terrorist Attack

Question 1 If CityU is under terrorist attack, what to do ?
Answer If a terrorist attack is happening on the Campus, all staff and students on the Campus are recommended to :

Action Rationale
  • Stay calm, run away as fast as possible via safe route, don't ever try to film the scene and help others in life threatening situation,
  • Do not use twitter etc to broadcast the ordeal,
  • Avoid being seen by Terrorist,
  • Avoid provoking the Terrorists,
  • Run away with friends, don’t bring along bulky belongings,
  • Force idling/ scary people in panic to run away,
  • Prevent others from entering the killing zone again,
  • Do not run into a cul-de-sac,
  • Escape outside the Campus as required
  • If the escape route is blocked, or being barricaded by terrorist inadvertently in any building, hide in a safe place, lock and block the entrance of the hiding place,
  • Light out, keep quiet and turn your cellphone to “silent” mode, same as the digital watch,
  • Fetch any handy weapon to fight back if needed,
  • Engaged in Fight or Flight mode
3.INFORM Police 999/992
  • Police hotline 999 might have been overloaded,
  • Use 992, same as 999, report by “message” mode,
  • For Deaf and Dumb, with prior arrangement, reporting to police by message 短訊 mode via 992 is feasible,
  • Provide data to police such as, what is going on, your name and ID number, how many persons with you, are they hurt, weaponry being used by terrorists, what you heard and witnessed,
  • May stay in the hiding place for few hours, be patient throughout,
  • Stay vigilant and prepare to save your own life
4.LISTEN to Announcement
  • The ordeal would drag on for a couple of hours, stay calm and alert,
  • Live broadcasting can be arranged by FMO in respective building when the crisis is over or contained,
  • Once the situation is stabilized, Police may use speakers on police vehicles to announce the update and direct the follow up action,
  • Leave the hide-out in a cautious manner, don’t run, with both arms up showing empty hands (no weapon with threat),
  • No panic, and be passive,
  • Police might handcuff anyone escape/ leaving from the scene for clearance,
  • Just listen to the directive from Police
問題 1 若城市大學遭遇恐襲, 我們可以怎樣做 ?
答案 若城大真的遭遇恐襲, 所有教職員及學生就要立即作出下列反應 !

反應 內容
  • 保持鎮定奪路而逃, 逃命為重不可拍攝,
  • 不可使用通訊軟件直播慘劇現場,
  • 避免進入恐佈份子的視線,
  • 避免觸怒恐佈份子,
  • 與朋友逃走時, 切勿擕帶沉重負累的行李,
  • 要在受驚下不知所措的朋友逃走,
  • 防止未明實況的朋友進入危險區,
  • 切勿逃進掘頭巷(絕路),
  • 有需要時立即逃離校園
  • 若不可能逃走, 或被圍困在樓宇內, 先要躲藏好再加鎖或堵塞入口,
  • 關燈及保持寂靜並將手機及手錶發聲裝置關閉,
  • 找出可用武器準備在最後關頭使用,
  • 若到最後關頭, 亦只可選擇逃走或抵抗
3.通知警方 999/992
  • 999 線路可能不能接通,
  • 可使用 992 以傳真機 Fax 通知警方,
  • 對聾人/聽障人士, 可用 992 短訊報案,
  • 若能通訊時要告知警方以下資料 ; 發生何事、你的姓名/身份、同行多少人、有沒有傷者、恐佈份子使用的武器及你能聽到或目測的實況,
  • 可能要被困一段時間, 要忍耐,
  • 慘劇可能延誤數小時, 必須鎮定及保持警戒,
  • 留意各樓宇内設施管理處的廣播和聽從保安人員指示,
  • 在安全情況下警方會用擴音機指示撤離的程序,
  • 鎮定地離開躲藏的地方, 不要跑動, 要展示雙手並無持有武器,
  • 不要恐慌但要聽從現場警務人員的指示,
  • 警方或會即時先行扣押每一個從現場逃出的人,以策安全
  • 緊記聽從警方指示