Campus Access Policy

The University is committed to discharge a demonstrable duty of care to ensure the safety of the campus community. To implement and sustain effective campus safety, we invite all campus users to observe the following Campus Access Policy:

  1. Entry controls will continue to be implemented.
  2. CityU ID cardholders including staff members, family members and students are permitted to enter the campus via various entrances upon presenting a valid card.
  3. Contractors, services providers and authorized campus users are permitted to enter the campus via designated entrances upon presenting contractor IDs.
  4. Visitors invited by all departments must apply in advance. Visitors are required to present the QR code obtained from registration via the Electronic Visitor Registration System to the security personnel.
  5. University visitors who are on University business but without pre-registration are required to be escorted by a staff member and seek assistance from the security personnel for on-site registration.
  6. While safeguarding campus security is of top priority, necessary adjustment and arrangement will be made as circumstance requires.
  7. Supervisors of our frontline security personnel would provide necessary advice as needed when handling unusual situation.
  8. The visitors are expected to abide by all operational regulations and guidelines, including safety and access restrictions.
  9. The University reserves the right to remove or restrict visitors or users from its facilities who violate guidelines or who cause disruptions to programs, activities, services and/or classes, or for any other reason deemed necessary by the University.

Members of CityU community, please call the 24-hour Security Hotline at 3442 8888 if any suspected unauthorized access to the CityU facility is found.

Facilities Management Office
June 2020