Parking FMO is responsible for the management of various parking areas and traffic control of the University. We are also responsible for the issuance of campus and staff quarters parking permits (except those for the student residence which are issued by the Student Residence Office), and Visitor's Parking Coupons and the enforcement of the parking regulations of the University. Furthermore, we may entertain the request for special parking arrangements related to the University operation, such as reservation of parking spaces for visitors and collection of parking fees.

During office hours on weekdays, parking areas of the University are reserved for the use of permit holders such as staff, approved contractors, licensed operators and University's visitors. After office hours on weekdays, and full service hours over weekends and general holidays, the Covered Carpark is opened to all the staff members, students and visitors.


There are a total of 297 vehicle parking spaces around the main campus located in the carparks of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Complex, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building and To Yuen Building. In addition, there are 43 vehicle parking spaces at the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre. Reserved parking spaces are available at the Staff Quarters and Student Residence.

Service Hours

0700 - 2330


Parking Permit and Card
    Indoor and Outdoor Outdoor only
    Yearly Monthly Yearly Monthly
Staff Car $1,500 $125 $1,000 $85
Motorcycle $600 $50 $400 $35
Licence Operator Per vehicle N.A N.A. $4,000 $350
Approved Contractor Per vehicle N.A. N.A. N.A. $1,800
Replacement Cost for Lost Card $100
Replacement Cost for Lost Permit $100
Hourly Rate (Covered Carpark, and Ground Level)
Eligibility Normal Rate Reduced Rate (note 1)
Car ($ per hour or part thereof) Motorcycle ($ per hour or part thereof) Car ($ per hour or part thereof) Motorcycle ($ per hour or part thereof)
(i) Full-time, Part-time, Term, Temporary staff and their eligible family members (with CityU staff family identity card) (see note 2) $30 $10 $10 $5
(ii) Students pursuing CityU award-bearing programmes and Associate Degree students (see note 3) $30 $10 $10 $5
(iii) CityU Courtesy Card Holders $30 $10 $10 $5
(iv) CityU Affinity Credit Card Holders $30 $10 $10 $5
(v) Visitors and persons not included above $30 $15 $20 $10
  1. Reduced Rate: Mon - Fri: 1700 - 2330, Sat, Sun and General Holidays: 0700 - 2330
  2. Part-time Lecturers / Instructors of SCOPE teaching Advanced Diploma and above program are included
  3. Students of School of Continuing and Professional Education (SCOPE) are excluded.
  4. Re (i) (ii) (iii), driver should use Octopus Card to gain entry. Before leaving, driver should tap their valid staff card, etc on the reader, then tap their Octopus Card for payment settlement before departure
  5. Re (iv) and part-time Lecturers / Instructors of SCOPE teaching Advanced Diploma and above program. Driver should use Octopus Card to gain entry. Before leaving, they should visit the security counter, show their staff card / credit card for verification and processing, then tap their Octopus Card on Exit Terminal before departure.
  6. For those drivers issued with parking coupon, they should insert the coupon before tapping their Octopus Card on Exit Terminal before departure.
  7. Vehicles remained in the carparks after service hours will be impounded and will only be released after payment of the impounding and hourly parking fees and the fees prescribed by the laws of HKSAR.
  8. Under normal circumstances, no service charge for parking permit in staff quarters is levied except for leased quarters. Monthly parking fee of $2,100 is charged for leased quarters.

Regulations or Guidelines

Conditions of parking in the Covered Carpark, Open Carpark, campus ground level
Regulations Governing the Use of University Carpark and Campus Road
Regulations on the use of Staff Quarters' Carpark
Electric Vehicles Charging Station Terms and Conditions
Reservation of Car Parking Spaces for Official Visitors



Annual Parking Permit for Campus
Tel: 3442 6891

Parking Permit for Tak Chee Yuen
Tel: 2788 3114

Parking Permit for Nam Shan Yuen
Tel: 2319 2539

Parking Permit for Academic Exchange Building
Tel: 3442 4509

Tariff for hourly parking and overnight parking
Tel: 3442 8888