Frequently Asked Questions

A. Opening Hours of the Campus
B. Open Area for the Public
C. University Concourse (U-concourse) & Teaching Venues - Guidelines to University Members and the Public
D. Booking of Venues
E. Displays and Banners
F. Parking
G. Photo-taking and Video-filming
H. Promotional Activities and Leaflet Distribution
I. Survey Activities
J. No Smoking in the University Campus
K. Pet on Campus

A. Opening Hours of the Campus

Question A1 What are the opening hours of the University campus?
Answer The opening hours of the University campus are normally 0700 - 2300 hour daily.

B. Open Area for the Public

Question B1 Which part of the University campus is open to the public?
Answer For safety and security reasons, the University campus, including academic buildings, laboratories, offices, staff quarters and student hostels are not open to the public.


University Concourse (U-concourse) & Teaching Venues - Guidelines to University Members and the Public

Question C1 What types of activity are allowed to be held in the U-concourse?
Answer The U-concourse is designated for study and interactive purposes. Individual staff members and students can freely use U-concourse for study and discussion. Departments and student organizations may apply for permission to use the space designated for holding exhibitions and academic / student related activities.
Question C2 May staff members, students or the public sleep in the U-concourse?
Answer Sleeping in the U-concourse is NOT allowed as such act would adversely affect other users and the image of the University.
Question C3 May staff members, students and the public take meals in the U-concourse?
Answer For hygienic reasons, staff members, students and the public are NOT allowed to take meals in the U-concourse, except for light refreshments such as drinks and sandwiches.
Question C4 Are eating and drinking allowed in teaching venues such as lecture theatres and classrooms?
Answer For hygienic reasons, eating and drinking are normally prohibited in teaching venues, such as lecture theatres and classrooms. At the absolute discretion of the staff members responsible for the class and under exceptional circumstances (e.g. medical reasons), students may be allowed to have snack and light refreshment in the teaching venue.

D. Booking of Venues

Question D1 May CityU venues be booked or used by external organizations?
Answer No University venues may be used by external organizations. They are for internal use only.
Question D2 Can individual students book classrooms and/or lecture theatres?
Answer Departments, Student Union and Student Societies can book classrooms and lecture theatres for University events/activities only. Individual students who wish to make a booking for such purposes are required to submit a written application via their respective departments.
Question D3 Are there any suitable venues for organizing seminars and/or conferences?
Answer Lecture theatres that are open for booking are suitable for organizing seminars and/or conferences.
Question D4 Which part of the 4th floor (U-concourse) of Yeung Kin Man Academic Building may be booked for event organization?
Answer Purple Zone A & B and Wong's International Terrace A & B are open for booking.
Question D5 Which office should be approached for booking of venues?
Answer Applications for booking of venues should be submitted to FMO for approval, except for the venues assigned to Student Union for management.

E. Displays and Banners

Question E1 How can permission be obtained for displaying banners, promotional materials and exhibits in the University?
Answer The University provides space and venue for events and displays which serve the purpose of supporting the academic mission and strategic development of the University. All booking applications must be made in writing to FMO for processing at least 3 working days prior to the event.

A display / banner may only be posted or installed at designated locations on campus and for a defined period of time, subject to the approval of and conditions set out by FMO in accordance with the principles, guidelines and regulations as outlined in the Campus Display Policy (the Policy) endorsed by the Campus Display Committee. For details of the Policy, please visit:

The University reserves the right to stop any event and to remove and dispose of any banner/display item without prior notice for safety, hygienic or statutory reasons, or in case of non-compliance with any part of the Campus Display Policy.

F. Parking

Question F1 As a staff member, can I be issued a campus parking permit if the ownership of the vehicle belongs to a family member instead of myself?
Answer A campus parking permit may be issued only if a staff member or his/her spouse officially owns the vehicle.
Question F2 How can I replace a lost parking permit? Can I still park my car at the campus parking facilities pending issuance of the replacement parking permit?
Answer Request for replacement of a lost parking permit should be made through on-line application via FMO website. If interim parking arrangement is required pending the issuance of the replacement parking permit, please contact the Security Counter in Room R4051, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Complex.

G. Photo-taking and Video-filming

Question G1 Are photo-taking and video-filming allowed in the common areas of the University?
Answer Members of the University and the public may take personal photos or film personal video clip in the open areas of the University such as Chinese Garden, linkbridge, U-circle, etc. provided that such act would not cause offence to the subject person(s) and that the photos or videos are not for commercial purposes. The University reserves the right to stop photo-taking or video-filming in the University campus if in the opinion of the duty officer of the Facilities Management Office that there is a risk that the act would cause offence to people and/or would adversely affect the image of the University and/or is related to commercial purposes.

H. Promotional Activities and Leaflet Distribution

Question H1 May students distribute leaflets in the common areas of the University?
Answer Students may distribute leaflets in the common areas of the University provided that they do not affect the traffic flow or cause safety concerns. For distribution of leaflets in areas assigned for management by the Student Union, prior permission from the Students Union must be obtained.
Question H2 Is commercial promotion or leaflet distribution allowed on campus?
Answer Due to government land grant conditions, any commercial activities, including distribution of leaflets for commercial purposes, are NOT allowed on campus without specific and prior approval of the University.

I. Survey Activities

Question I1 May students conduct surveys in the common areas of the University?
Answer Students may conduct questionnaire surveys approved by their School/Department in the common areas of the University such as U-concourse, studying areas on 5/F of Yeung Kin Man Academic Building and studying areas of Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building, provided that the surveys do not affect traffic flow or cause inconvenience to staff members and students. Students are advised to inform the Facilities Management Office via their School/Department, of the location of the survey beforehand so that the concerned security officers are in a position to help, if necessary.

J. No Smoking in the University Campus

Question J1 Can I smoke in the outdoor area of the campus?
Answer Under the Smoking (Public Health) (Amendment) Ordinance which has been effected on 1 January 2007, smoking including carrying of lighted cigarette, cigar, or pipe in the University campus (all indoor and outdoor areas) is strictly prohibited. Violation of the law is liable to be fined $1500.
Question J2 What action will be taken by the University if smokers are found on campus?
Answer On-duty security guards are instructed to issue warning to smokers on spot and to jot down their personal particulars. The University reserves the right to report such violation to Tobacco Control Office of the Department of Health and/or other law enforcement authorities, such as police, in case the smokers refuse to cooperate with the on-duty security guards.

K. Pet on Campus

Question K1 Can visitors, staff and students bring pet on campus ?
Answer University community and visitors, in general, are not allowed to bring pets into the University campus, except licensed guide-dogs brought by people who have visual impairment and animals used for academic purpose. Staff members residing in staff quarters on campus who are licensed to keep pets, or visitors to quarters, can hold their pets (except fighting and dangerous dogs) in their quarters areas instead of traveling freely on the Campus.