China's Challenges in the Twenty-first Century

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As the twenty-first century unfolds, China starts a new phase of development for building a well-off society in an all-round way and speeding up socialist modernisation. Will China achieve its goals in the economic, political and cultural arenas? Will China move on to centre stage? Written by a team of world-renowned experts from Hong Kong, Australia and the US, this volume of 27 essays addresses the problems and significant issues facing China in the twenty-first century, e.g., the leadership succession, the pressure of political, legal, economic and social reforms, accession to the WTO, the impact of globalisation, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, restructuring of the rural/urban workforce, cultural and ethnic relations, as well as environmental conservation and protection. Each author focuses on a specific topic and offers his/her in-depth analysis in clear and easy-to-understand language. This is an excellent source of reference not only for university students and academics interested in contemporary China, but also for professionals, business executives and entrepreneurs who are involved in China trade and businesses. General readers who want to gain a better understanding of current affairs in China will also find it informative and insightful.
Pub. Date
Apr 1, 2003
880 pages
152 x 229 mm
  1. Introduction
  2. Prospects for Reform Under the Fourth Generation Leadership
  3. Are Village Elections Competitive? The Case of Zhejiang
  4. Village Self-governance
  5. Policy Implementation at the County and Township/Town Levels in China
  6. Prospects for Legal Reforms in Twenty-first Century China
  7. China in the International Human Rights Regime
  8. Is China a "Responsible" State? An Assessment from the Point of View of its Multilateral Engagements
  9. Cross-Taiwan Straits Relations
  10. Globalisation and Marketisation: The Logic of a Two-Level Game
  11. China' s IT Revolution and Scientist Businessmen: The Case of Zhongguancun
  12. Financial Industry Reform in Twenty-first Century China
  13. From Developmental to Predatory Government: An Institutional Perspective of Local Cadres' Strategic Economic Behaviour
  14. China's Changing Industrial System
  15. Chinese Business Enterprise Law in the Twenty-first Century
  16. The Making of the Cadre-Capitalist Class in China
  17. Articulating Business Interests in Rural China
  18. The Great Wall that Divides Two Chinas and the Rural/Urban Disparity Challenge
  19. Local Responses to Global Agendas: Changing State-Education Relations in Mainland China
  20. Social Security Reforms and Prospects in the Twenty-first Century
  21. Some Problems on China's Ethnic Borders
  22. Redistributive Power and Ethnic Stratification in China
  23. China's Hong Kong Policy in a Changing Context
  24. China's Green Challenges in the Twenty-first Century
  25. Human Capital, Social Contacts and Job Searching in Urban China
  26. Elections at the Village and Town/Township Levels and Political Reform in China
  27. Juncture Year 2002: Backing into the Future of Chinese Literature and Film
  28. Epilogue: Tasks Ahead for the New Generation of Leaders after the 16th Party Congress