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We hope you like the new layout and design which is specifically intended to improve features and functions to help readers search for, browse, and purchase our titles. Please enjoy this brand new shopping experience in our online store.

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Mobile Responsive & User-Friendly Navigation

The site is now compatible with tablets and smart phones and is easy to navigate to allow you to search and place online orders while on the move.

Fast, Secure Online Payment

Our site is now supported by a fast and secure online payment gateway function to enable you to pay by Visa, MasterCard, and Union Pay credit cards at checkout. You will now receive a payment confirmation email and receipt immediately after purchase.

New Sections with Interactive Content

Several new sections—such as Best Sellers, Promotions, Editors’ Picks, and Hot Search—are now located on our main homepage to showcase our latest publications and special offers. While the Videos, News, and Blog sections offer interactive content and information for readers to get up-to-date news and events about CityU Press.

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Straightforward & Informative FAQ Section

A well-designed and informative FAQ page covers a variety of topics with clear instructions and specific answers to help explain more about the ordering, delivery, and payment processes.  

Take a moment to explore our revamped website—perhaps even bookmark us—and be sure to check back regularly for more information about our new publications and events.  

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