The book launch cum webinar of our new academic title The Changing Legal Orders in Hong Kong and Mainland China: Essays on “One Country, Two Systems” was successfully held on 2 March 2021 at the University of Hong Kong. The event was co-organized by the Centre for Comparative and Public Law of the University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong Press. 

We were honoured to have the author of the book, Professor Albert H.Y Chen, who is currently the Cheng Chan Lan Yue Professor in Constitutional Law at the University of Hong Kong, preside over the launch and introduce the book to participants. The Moderator of the webinar was Professor Fu Hualing, Warren Chan Professor in Human Rights and Responsibilities, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong. The webinar included discussion with three other experts in legal studies: Dr Cora Chan (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong), Professor Zhu Guobin (School of Law, City University of Hong Kong, and Director of the City University of Hong Kong Press), and Professor Po Jen Yap (Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong). Their discussion centred on the major key points of the book from various perspectives. The book launch was broadcasted live on the web, so that teachers, students, and legal practitioners from all over the world could participate at the same time and increase academic exchange. If you have missed the live event but would like to re-watch the discussion, please click the following link:


The book is a collection of selected works by Professor Albert H.Y. Chen and shows the contours of the author’s scholarship as it developed over 35 years of his academic career, from 1984 to the present. This collection exemplifies the author’s important contributions to the field and provides insight into how the legal orders in Hong Kong and mainland China have changed over this period. If you are interested in knowing more about this book, please visit our website.

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