Belief in harmony

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Lau Tat Chuen

Mr Lau Tat-chuen loves golf. He enjoys the challenges that the game presents, particularly how golfers should move on after playing a shot and not look back with regret.

Mr Lau Tat-chuen
Director, Sino International Industrial Limited
Member, Steering Committee, CityU Industrial and Business Leaders Circle

“Just like in life, a round of golf has its ups and downs along the fairway,” Mr Lau says.

“You not only need a superb technique for swinging the club, but also patience and excellent concentration. These qualities are also required for running health and caring services for the elderly,” he says. “Running a home for the elderly requires attentiveness at all times, loving care and selfless devotion, and striving for the best.”

Mr Lau started his business 20 years ago at a time when the government was beginning to introduce measures to improve care for the elderly. He was the youngest entrepreneur in Hong Kong to initiate innovations in the sector.

“I actively took part in discussions for a new licensing system introduced by the Department of Social Welfare, and I advocated improving the sector by providing more professional services,” he recalls.

His business operates smoothly but he wants to improve even further through innovative management. That’s why he took time to study for an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA).

Mr Lau strongly believes education can change one’s destiny and advance the world, which is why he argues that universities need financial support from entrepreneurs if they are to nurture innovative technology and talent.

He supports CityU’s emphasis on innovation, and appreciates the University’s efforts to respond to social needs through problem-oriented research. Last year, he supported the “Community Nurses–Satellite Distribution” project launched by Professor Frank Chen Youhua, Head of the Department of Management Sciences. The project uses a “Heat Map” to highlight the distribution of seniors with health problems in Central Kowloon. The research helps Queen Elizabeth Hospital deploy limited health-care resources more effectively.

A tour of renowned universities in the US when looking for a suitable degree programme for one of his sons convinced Mr Lau of CityU’s potential.

“CityU’s president, management and faculty members have an international vision,” he says.

Since globalisation is a prevalent trend today, Mr Lau’s international exchange scholarship sponsors students with financial needs to take part in overseas exchange programmes in order to help them develop a global vision.

Mr Lau’s generosity of spirit stems from family tradition. Born in a remote mountain village in Fujian, he saw how his grandfather warmly treated relatives and friends and even helped strangers who had lost their way.

“My grandfather often reminded me that giving is more rewarding that receiving. Therefore, I believe that the university students I help will gain a greater sense of what it means for a society to support people. Hopefully, this will encourage them to contribute to society later in life. By passing on this kind of loving care, we can achieve greater harmony.”

Although he has faced lots of problems since starting his business, Mr Lau firmly upholds his faith in three factors for success: integrity, perseverance and optimism. He suggests that young people should have the courage and confidence in themselves to take on challenges. As long as they persevere, no problem will remain unsolvable. 

Mr Lau Tat-chuen

  • Director, Sino International Industrial Limited
  • Chair, Welfare Enterprises Association Limited
  • Honorary President, City University of Hong Kong Foundation
  • Vice-Chair, Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations
  • Member, Fujian Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
  • Director, Pok Oi Hospital
  • Vice-Chair, The Hong Kong Fujian Charitable Education Fund
  • Council President, Minxi Association of Societies
  • Honorary Chair, Hong Kong CPPCC (Provincial) Members Association Limited (Fujian)
  • Executive Council Member, Fujian Overseas Friendship Association
  • 2017 Asian Social Caring Leadership Award, Social Enterprise Research Institute
  • 2017 Asian Chinese Leadership Award, Asian College of Knowledge Management

This article is extracted from CityU Today. 


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