It is well recognized that experiential learning forms an important component of university education. Internship offers a realistic work preview and a supervised learning experience. Participation in the internship will enable students to learn by doing and engaging in the real life workplace environment and further cultivate their knowledge acquired and skills developed from the classroom, helping them better prepared for career development.

The Internship is in tandem with the learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Engineering in Energy Science and Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering in Environmental Science and Engineering programme in fostering students with a clear understanding and appreciation of energy and energy-related environmental issues encountered by the government, business, industry and the community at large. The Internship is conducted during either the summer break between the first and second year, or between the second and third year of the undergraduate study, as arranged with the Internship Partners. It is expected that students will spend about 8 weeks on the Internship.


Internships provide students with the opportunity to:

  1. integrate theories learned in the classroom in a real-world environment through on-the-job work placement;
  2. understand the functions and operation of the Internship Partners;
  3. explore and discover their own interests and abilities in the preferred career fields;
  4. gain a realistic preview for considering career choices;
  5. develop self-confidence and acquire real-life knowledge of work;
  6. assess personal strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate career alternatives;
  7. broaden their horizon, enhance their interpersonal, communication, teamwork and time management skills;
  8. gain a better understanding of the workplace culture, ethics and discipline;
  9. develop a competent and responsible working attitude;
  10. become aware of professional demands in the career field; and
  11. establish valuable contacts with professionals, and build a network for future career development.

Internship Programme

For details, please refer to the Internship Handbook.

CityU's Career Support


CityU’s Career and Leadership Centre (CLC) of Student Development Services (SDS) is dedicated to better preparing students to enhance their employability and to meet the challenges of a global workforce upon graduation. In addition to liaising with employers in providing job opportunities to graduates, the office provides consultation to students to enable them to systematically and continuously plan ahead in their career development. Individual career advisory services are also available to those students who need help in other areas such as job aptitude tests and personality or ability profiling.

Please check the CLC website for details and career services, internship opportunities and other resources available.

Students are reminded to plan ahead for their career development as early as practical. For more details, please refer to CLC website (Students Section).