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Year 1 Plan

 Career Plan 

  • Explore your interests, skills, personality, and values
  • Find out about careers and their respective work environments and challenges
  • Systematically study career-related issues on Career and Leadership Centre website
  • Meet with a career counsellor
  • Attend career fairs
  • Investigate and get part time jobs
  • Learn about resumes or CVs


 Academic Plan 

  • Explore your academic strengths
  • Learn how to succeed academically
  • Get familiar with academic standards necessary with major
  • Consult career and academic advisors about your major and career possibilities



  • Get paid work or voluntary work experience
  • Learn how to get along with people at work
  • Keep work journal
  • Update resume

Schedule of Recruitment Talks and Career Preparation Workshops One-one-One Career Consultation Services