Urban Atmospheric and Aquatic Environment: Science and Policies


The School of Energy and Environment is conducting cutting-edge research on climate change forecasting, pollution management and aquatic environment protection, as a contribution to the development of smart and healthy cities. Innovative research concerns air pollution monitoring to understand pollution from sources, including the formation of secondary air pollutants, to microenvironments and personal exposure. Atmospheric modelling is used to understand air pollution transport or global warming and their relationships with typhoon activity. The effects of air pollution on health and material damage are scientifically investigated and aquatic environment is considered as well in order to design environmental policies.

Key Research Areas:

  1. Climate Diagnostics and Tropical Cyclone Prediction  (Wen ZHOU)
  2. Impacts of Climate Change (Wanxin LIXuan WANG)
  3. Aerosols and Air Pollution (Chak K. CHANTheodora NAHXuan WANG)
  4. Water Environment Technologies (Alicia K. J. AN)
  5. Environmental Economics and Policies (Shauhrat CHOPRAWanxin LILin ZHANG)

Our Centres and Laboratories: