Scholarships Open for Application


Scholarships listed below are awards provided for CityU students via open applications in the previous academic years. Whether they will be offered in current academic year are subject to donor’s confirmation. SDS will put up notices and publicize through email and CityU Announcement Portal (CAP) with details of the scholarships and application deadline when the scholarship is finalized.


  • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Non-Academic Awards 2023/24
    (Interested students should observe the announcements from respective Colleges/Schools/Departments and submit the duly completed applications to their home Department according to the application deadline set by the Department. Student interested in applying for Talent Development Scholarship (TDS) or Reaching Out Award (ROA) shall contact their home Department for the application/nomination details. Colleges/Schools/Departments will send their nominations to Student Development Services (SDS) by 12 April 2024.)
  • The FANs Award - Academic Improvement Awards for Student Leaders 2023/24
    Application deadline: 12:00 noon, 5 June 2024