Special Events

NFT Workshops

An extra lectures about NFT basic theory and development by Algorand and Ethereum

Fintech Panels

Three fintech trending topics panel discussion presented by fintech expertise

HSBC Networking Day

Meet finance industry leaders with interactive discussions in HSBC headquarters

SSI Workshop

The workshop not only cover self-sovereign identity application, but it is a recap session of the previous lectures and helps the students to form a team for the FTOL competition

Whitepaper Workshop

To learn the whitepaper format of IEEE standard
To prepare a more successful project submission
To learn to console the scattered project ideas into a structured presentation

Julia Workshop

Understand the features of Julia programming language
Understand how to use Julia programming to apply to some specific use cases
Learn to code with Julia at a basic level

Making Winning Presentation Workshop

How to create an impactful presentation to impress your audiences/judge
How to identify what do the audiences/judges care about
How to organize your message and make sure no important content is missing out
Guest Speaker (via zoom): Head of Global PR & Comms, Xiaomi Corporation