What were you doing during the 2020s Great Digital Transformation?

The Fintech Olympiad (FTOL) presents the ideas and application of financial technology in the competition, providing a chance for students to discover their talents and ideas for fintech in any industry, as our society and economy steadily transitions into a digital one. Now is your chance to make history and find your path in career and life. FTOL 2022 is hosted by the City University of Hong Kong (CityU), supported by the HSBC and the HKBCS (Hong Kong Blockchain Society).

Competition Information

  • Eligibility: college or university students of any disciplines in the Greater Bay Area to join as an individual or as a team (max. 6 students)

  • Proposal: any Fintech solutions that can solve real-world problems and benefit society (not limited to Hong Kong)

  • Submission items:

  1. Team Profile (one CV from each member)
  2. Poster[board] (landscape, 3:4 ratio)
  3. Pitch deck in PPTX/PDF
  4. 10-min pitch video
  • Submission deadline: 16 April 2022

  • Final competition & result announcement: 28 May 2022 (via Gather)

Fintech Olympiad 2022 Competition Prize Money

Award & Prize Money 2022 Prize Money
Gold Medal HK$15,000
Silver Medal HK$8,000
Bronze Medal HK$4,000
Best Protoptype HK$5,000
Award of Merit HK$1,000 x 3 teams
Best Cross-Border Fintech Solution HK$5,000


  • Consultation with expertise from Blockchain (limited quota, first-come-first-served)
  • Consultation with expertise from banking industry on 2 March (limited quota, first-come-first-served)

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Fintech Olympiad 2022 Event Schedule

Time Agenda
8:30-9:00 (Registration) and Networking
9:00-9:30 Opening Ceremony
9:30-13:00 Pitching
13:00-16:00 Exhibition
16:00:17:00 Guest sharing and Networking
17:00-18:30 Closing and Awards Ceremony

Programme and Competition Overview

Remember to register before enrolment or submission!

Contestants are strongly recommended to attend the training sessions; there is a strong correlation, from previous competitions, between the success of contestants who have joined and those who have not. Remember to register before enrolment or submission!

Date Event or Milestone Venue
Tue 5 Oct 2021 Information Session #1 CityU Campus: Lau, 6-213
Tue 8 Oct 2021 Information Session #2 CityU Campus and Zoom
Tue 12 Oct 2021 Information Session #3 CityU Campus: Lau, 6-213
Fri 22 Oct 2021 FT 100 - Introduction to Finance CityU Campus: Lau, 6-213
Tue 26 Oct 2021 FT 101 - Introduction to Fintech CityU Campus: Lau, 6-213
Fri 29 Oct 2021 FT 102 - ABCD Technologies in Fintech CityU Campus: Lau, 6-213
Tue 2 Nov 2021 FT 103 - Applications of Fintech CityU Campus: Lau, 6-213
Fri 5 Nov 2021 FT 1TU - Basic Training Tutorial (optional) CityU Campus: Yeung, G5-314
Tue 9 Nov 2021 FT 200 - Fintech Careers and Opportunities CityU Campus: Lau, 6-213
Fri 12 Nov 2021 FT 201 - Identity and Privacy in Fintech CityU Campus: Yeung, G5-314
Tue 16 Nov 2021 FT 202 - Financial Ethics and Risks CityU Campus: Yeung, P4701
Fri 19 Nov 2021 FT 203 - Fintech Governance and Regulations CityU Campus: Yeung, G5-216
Tue 23 Nov 2021 FT 204 - Fintech Solution Design CityU Campus: Yeung, B5-311
Fri 26 Nov 2021 FT 205 - Fintech Case Studies CityU Campus: Yeung, G5-216
Tue 30 Nov 2021 FT 2TU - Advanced Training Tutorial (optional) CityU Campus: Yeung, G5-214

Contestants may participate in events that help them form teams, refine ideas, and network with professionals and fellow elite students — remember to register before enrolment or submission!

Date Event or Milestone Venue
Fri 3 Dec 2021 NFT Workshop 1 Innocentre
Fri 10 Dec 2021 NFT Workshop 2 CityU Campus: Yeung, B5-310
Mon 13 Dec 2021 NFT Workshop 3 CityU Campus: Yeung, Li, 3610
Fri 17 Dec 2021 NFT Workshop 4 CityU Campus: Yeung, B5-310
Sat-Sun 8-9 Jan 2022 Fintech Panels CityU Campus: Li, 2510
Fri 14 Jan 2022 HSBC Networking Day Zoom
Sat 15 Jan 2022 Enrolment Deadline for Fintech Hackathon -
Sat-Sun 22-23 Jan 2022 Fintech Hackathon (Ideathon) Zoom
Thurs 10 Feb 2022 Enrolment Deadline for SSI/Julia Workshops -
Sun 30 Jan 2022 Submission Deadline (Lightning Round)(optional)
Fri 11 Feb 2022 SSI Workshop Zoom
Wed 16 Feb 2022 Whitepaper Workshop Zoom
Mon-Fri 7 Feb-20 May 2022 Office Hours for Registered Team -
Fri 18 Feb 2022 Julia Workshop Zoom
Fri 25 Feb 2022 Making Winning Presentation Workshop Zoom
Wed 2 Mar 2022 Micro-Consulting Day Zoom
Mon-Wed 14 Mar-13 Apr 2022 Tutorial for project Discord
Sat 16 Apr 2022 Final Submission Deadline -
Sat 28 May 2022 FTOL 2022 Finals Gather

Some of these activities are for all participants, and some are exclusively for Finalists or Finalists who have Awards of Merit. Regardless — remember to register before enrolment or submission!

Date Event or Milestone
Sat 11 Jun - Mon 29 Aug 2022 Office Hours for Incubatees
TBC Field Trip: Blockchain Hackathon
TBC Field Trip: Blockchain Mock Trial Day
TBC Field Trip: GBA Blockchain Olympiad
TBC Field Trip: International Blockchain Olympiad
TBC Blockchain Certification Exams (in-person and online)
TBC Blockchain Certification Exams (online only)
Jul-Aug 2022 Blockchain for Fintech Certification Exams (in person and online)

Awards Project Name Team Members Project Abstract
Gold Medal BitExpress BitExpress - The University of Hong Kong Members: Raghav Agarwal, Shukla Yashwita, Tanay Agarwal We aim to streamline and accelerate the supply chain and secure it using a combination of blockchain and IoT devices. We envision a perfect supply chain as one which is reliable, traceable, and intelligent. Our product will learn from data and optimize itself to predict demands for manufacturers.
Silver Medal Paratag Green Chain - Hong Kong Baptist University Yuk Ching Lee Paratag is a blockchain-based supply chain finance system which aims to integrate ESG scores into the credit risk assessment process of SMEs to develop a sustainable supply chain finance system.
Bronze Medal LemonT Lemon Team - City University of Hong Kong Aaron Doering, Daniel Eckhoff, Jayson Haebich LemonT is a blockchain- based solution for transparently storing, and retrieving informa- tion of a car’s service and odometer history in a tamper-free ledger which allows car owners to prove the genuineness of their car’s past repairs, parts and mileage to potential second hand buyers or to other third parties (e.g, insurer, bank).
Award of Merit B-Safe Blockarian - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Yan Suet Lo,Tzu Yin Yu B-Safe aims to build an AI System to generate ratio on safety level and environmental friendliness of the buildings, rule out possible safety concerns and effects to the environment through machine learning.
Award of Merit Ubitrust Ubitrust - Hong Kong Baptist University Mathias AwuniI, Yan Cheng, Ting Fok Kwan, Man Ki Ho Ubitrust, a mobile application that calculates credit scores and produces credit reports to allow lenders to gain deep insights into potential borrowers for the optimum credit risk management. Ubitrust aims to transcend geographic or demographic barriers to assess creditworthiness worldwide.
Award of Merit Cherrity Cherrity - Lingnan University Yeung Fan Siu, Man Cheng Yuen, Man Ho Sheung We aim to provide a trustable platform for donation. By putting transactions on chain and share it with related donors, we could increase transparency and single level of assurance which is often lacking in the current non-profit industry.
Best Cross-Border Fintech Solution Cverify Cverify - The Chinese University of Hong Kong Yirui Huang, Jialu Li, Chong Ki Wong Cverify provides a blockchain-based credit information system used in the education and employment industry to solve the problems of high cost and low efficiency when verifying the information of employees, which in turn promotes the flow of employees in Greater Bay Area.
Best Prototype Award Streampay Stream Payment - Lingnan University Toktar Akhmetov Stream Payments is a payment system where beneficiaries can input deposit amount and spending rate will be calculated according to start date and end date. Stream Payments aims to solve the Complex logics for continuous service payments.