Blockchain for Fintech Certification

Upon completion of the fintech training programme, there will be an exam to test out students’ understanding. And a Blockchain for Fintech Certificate will be given to those who pass the exam.

Blockchain for Fintech Certificate, issued by Hong Kong Blockchain Society, is recognized by over 15 accredited tertiary academic institutions and employers in North America, the EU, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

For those who joined the fintech training programme from October to November 2021 and want to review the lectures, or those who couldn’t join the programme but want to study the courses, when you register for the Fintech Olympiad (FTOL), previously recorded lectures will be available for you to study and prepare for the exam.

Exam Details

  • Eligibility: Students who register for the Fintech Olympiad (FTOL)
  • Exam window: July - August 2022
  • Mode: Online or in-person