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All participants of any event affiliated with the Fintech Olympiad (including but not limited to competitors, judges, and officials) must register, unless explicitly exempt by the FTOL 2022 Organising Committee. Students may begin their projects when their registration is submitted.

Updating your registration: In order to edit the form, click "Edit your response" and save that URL, e.g. bookmark it on your browser. Please inform of any edits to your form to prevent issues in due diligence or other processes.

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Registration by form is preferred but if you are unable to access Google or QQ from your internet connection, please send an email to with the subject [xx][yy] Participant Registration, where xx is the ISO 3166 code for your current location (e.g. CN for the Mainland of China, HK for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and MO for the Macao Special Administrative Region) and yy is the short-form or acronym of your institution (e.g. CityU for the City University of Hong Kong) with the following information:

1. Contact Name *
Write what you want to be called (does not have to be a legal name).

2. Contact Email Address *
An email address to receive official correspondence from the Fintech Olympiad, its sister organisations, and education partners.

3. Contact Telephone Number (optional)
A phone number in E.164 format (+ country code) to receive official correspondence from the Fintech Olympiad, its sister organisations, and education partners.

4. Mobile Number for WhatsApp (optional)
A mobile number with WhatsApp registration to receive official correspondence from the Fintech Olympiad, its sister organisations, and education partners. If same as contact telephone number, leave this empty.

5. Email Address for Eventbrite Account (optional)
If same as contact email, leave this empty.

6. Email Address for Figma Account (optional)
If same as contact email, leave this empty.

7. Email Address for Slack Account(s) (optional)
Slack workspaces require an email address to sign up; one may use different emails for different workspaces, but choose one that you prefer. If same as contact email, leave this empty.

8. Email Address for Zoom Account (optional)
If same as contact email, leave this empty.

9. Current Location *
Where you currently reside

10. Current City/Town/Region/District *
Where you currently reside

1. Academic Institution *
Official name of your tertiary educational institution, e.g. “City University of Hong Kong” but not “CityU”

2. Institution Location (Country/Territory) *
Where your academic institution is located

3. Name in school record (as is on student ID) *
Name in school record, i.e. as is on transcript, student card, or diploma

4. Name in non-Latin Script (if applicable)
Name in кириллица or 漢字 or বাংলা etc

5. Student ID number
Student identification (alphanumeric)

6. Student ID expiry date
If the ID only has a month, use the last day of the month as the date. If the ID only has a year, use December 31 as the date. If you forgot, leave empty.

7. School Email
Email address assigned by a tertiary educational institution. If none issued, leave empty.

8. Year of Enrollment *
When you started at this academic institution

9. Year of Graduation *
If still enrolled, provide the expected year of graduation.

10. Academic Credential *
Level of academic achievement pursued or earned
• Tertiary Diploma
• Bachelor’s Degree
• Master’s Degree
• Doctoral Degree
• Professional Degree
• Other: _______________

11. Academic Category *
Self-reported categorization of your academic career
• Business
• Computer Science
• Engineering
• Humanities
• Legal & Regulation
• Mathematics
• Science
• Technology
• Other: _______________

12. Faculty / School
Official name of your faculty or school, e.g. “College of Business” instead of just “Business”

13. Department / Lab
Official name of the department that your major or program was under, e.g. “Department of Information Systems” instead of just “IS”

14. Major / Program
Official name of your major or program, e.g. “BBA Information Management” instead of just “IM”

15. Minor / Option
Official name of your minor or option, e.g. “Computer Science” instead of just “CS”

1. Location (Country/Territory) *
Where your office is located

2. Company / Organization *
As officially stated on contract or company registry

3. Title / Role *
As officially stated on contract or formal documentation

4. Commitment *
• Full-time
• Part-time
• Self-employed
• Other: _______________

5. Name on official record (as is on legal ID) *
Name as is on a passport, driver’s licence, etc

6. Name in non-Latin Script (if applicable)
Name in кириллица or 漢字 or বাংলা etc

7. LinkedIn URL

For re-submission or updates, please reply to the same email thread

Example Email

Hermione Granger <>
FTOL 2022 <>
[CN] Project Submission
A1. Hermione
A3. +86 1632 960573
A4. +86 1632 960573
A9. China
A10. Foshan

B1. Hogwarts University (GBA Campus)
B2. China
B3. Hermione Jean Granger
B4. 赫妙丽
B5. H314 1592 6535
B6. 2025.12.31
B8. 2020
B9. 2025
B10. Doctoral Degree
B11. Legal & Regulation
B12. Faculty of Law
B13. Jurisprudence
B14. DPhil in Law
B15. MPhil in Criminology

C1. Hong Kong
C2. Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited
C3. Summer Legal Intern
C4. Other: Internship
C5. Hermione Granger
C6. 赫妙麗

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

What is my information collected for?
All information is used for Fintech Olympiad (FTOL) events, specifically for identity verification and due diligence. FTOL events include training sessions, mentorship sessions, matchmaking sessions, symposiums, and competitions.

What if my information is incorrect?
If you did not save your form URL upon completion, simply fill in another form or contact a representative of Fintech Olympiad (FTOL) or your local Fintech Olympiad committee. The FTOL reserves the right to revoke access or privileges if the information is incorrect.

Who are the sister organizations and strategic partners of FTOL?
The Fintech Olympiad (FTOL) shares information only with its sister organisations: the International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL), the International Data Science Olympiad (IDSOL), and their relevant national or regional olympiad committees. The FTOL also shares information only with three (3) education partners for the purpose of delivering education programs: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (, the Hong Kong Blockchain Society (, and Student Development Services at the City University of Hong Kong (

Will my information be shared or sold to other third party organizations?
No other organisation besides those aforementioned explicitly (even sponsors or supporting organisations) have the right to access this information. Any other use of this information will require additional consent from you.

Why do you need those accounts?
The apps from,,, and are used in some online-only events. WhatsApp is a de facto standard for instant messaging and will be used for contacting you if other methods fail.

Why do you need to know where I am?
Fintech Olympiad (FTOL) events occur year-round and timezones change. FTOL tries to accommodate as many people around the world as possible in online-only events.

Consent Agreement *
By filling this form, you consent to the usage of this information by the Fintech Olympiad (FTOL), its sister organisations, and education partners for the purpose of FTOL activities only.