Fun STEM @ CityU Physics 2018

Fun STEM @ CityU Physics 2018

Fun STEM @ CityU Physics 2018 (物趣 STEM 在城大 2018) was successfully held on 28 December 2018. Almost 90 primary and secondary school students joined us in this 1-day discovery and innovation program, which aimed to promote the interest and active applications of STEM “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related fields" among the primary and secondary students in Hong Kong.

Professor KS Chan, Associate Head and Professor of the Department, kicked off the program by giving a warm welcome to all the participants. Then, during the theme talk on “Physics in Medicine @ Everyday Life”, Dr Monica Kan, Secretary General of Hong Kong Association of Medical Physics, shared with us some interesting applications of physics in everyday life and healthcare. Followed by a guided tour to the Plasma Laboratory of the Department, the CityU Exhibition Gallery and the CityU’s CLP Low Carbon Education Centre.

After lunch, participants were divided into groups to participate in our project-based learning workshops. In the workshops, learning physics became a hands-on and fun-filled experience. Each group of primary school students were given some straws, rubber bands and instructions to construct a castle, a bow and arrows.  The groups battled with one another using their finished work, aimed to propel the opponent castle the farthest. After a few rounds of competition, Group 4 won the champion. For secondary school students, they entered our laboratory and created their own holograms.

The program ended with a certificate presentation to the participants, and all participants enjoyed the day.

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